December 10th Demonstrations

Please join us on December 10th for dual demonstration. Our first demo will be outside Highland Packers located at 432 Highland Rd E, Stoney Creek, ON. Highland Packers murders baby cows, lambs, sheep, pigs, goats etc. This demonstration will begin at 10 am and end at 12 pm. After this demonstration, we invite everyone to join us at Fleming Chicks Limited, located at 4412 Ontario St., Lincoln, ON (roughly 20 minutes south of Highland Packers). Fleming Chicks is a hatchery, owned by Maple Lodge, which sells baby chicks to farms and factories. This demonstration will begin at 1 pm and last until 3 pm.

We will provide signs, however if you want to make your own signs that is encouraged. This is a peaceful and positive event, so please make sure your behaviour and signs mirror that.

Niagara Farm Animal Save is a movement that aims to educate the public on the animal agriculture industry, while providing support for the animals destined for slaughter. Vigils will be held periodically, with information about future vigils being available under Events.


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